Keyword Researcher Review – Scam or Legit – PDF eBook Download

By | August 3, 2016

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Do you need to Organize Keywords and Import CSV Files in the Google Keyword Planner?
Would you want to manage keywords, and articles and reviews? Planning a Web Content Strategy?

If you have ever used the infamous Google Keyword Planner, you will want to check out Keyword Researcher! And, be prepared to say goodbye for the tedium of manually manipulating CSV files–in complicated Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Our app was built by Internet Marketers, for Internet Marketers.

It function is (in the ground up) to get an all-in-one SEO solution–that enables you to manage both keywords and website articles.

Need to handle thousands of keywords?
Need help writing SEO-Optimized website articles?
Want to set up an entire SEO website?

Then keep reading, and be prepared to turn confusing keyword data into valuable information.

As Internet Marketers, most of us understand the importance of working with clear and concise keyword data. If you’ve ever done any SEO by any means, well then, your already knowledgeable about the Google Keyword Planner–Google’s amazing keyword tool that spits out loads of great keyword data. It’s the “first-stop” for ANY online SEO strategy.

You’ve probably downloaded CSV files through the Keyword Planner, as well as perhaps worked with them in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.

Perhaps you’ve aimed to separate the nice keywords through the bad keywords.
Perhaps you’ve attempted to organize keywords into logical groups.
Perhaps you’ve attempted to create SEO-optimized documents on your website, and discovered that, squeezing each one of these keywords to your articles is usually a bit tricky.

And that is where the problem starts!

For years, I spent hours doing manual Keyword Research with some other keyword tools. This was eating up a great deal of valuable time! Trying to sort, segment, making sense of an index of a thousand keywords takes forever. Not to mention, trying to get ready this data to a concise market research report that will make sense into a client.

If you’ve ever spent five minutes wanting to sort keyword data in Microsoft Excel, then you already know how difficult using the services of large keyword lists might be!

Keyword Researcher are able to turn a list of a large number of keywords, into an actionable SEO Strategy. We designed it for making the entire SEO process flow smoothly–from keyword generation, to content publishing, and all of the procedures in between. We’ve attemptedto think of everything!

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