Landscape Legend Review – Scam or Legit – PDF eBook Download

By | August 14, 2016

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Landscape Legend Includes:

100 one-click presets for fast results using a wide variety of different adjustments and effects
130 stackable workflow presets where you can quickly process your photos with unlimited possibilities
50 graduated filter presets to copy the effect of a graduated neutral density filter, enhance a sunset, boost a blue sky, and even more.
31 adjustment brush presets for that finishing touches and fine specifics of your photos.
A total of greater than 300 presets that may revolutionize your site processing workflow!

How Can Landscape Legend Help You?

Save time by drastically accelerating your workflow. Spend more time within the field and fewer time in the computer.
The presets are actually created specifically for landscape and nature photos. They allow someone to do all with the things you normally do with landscape photos, only more effeciently. And since these are focused specifically on landscapes you will not have to weed through plenty of irrelevant presets.
Boost fall colors, add life to dull skies, enhance sunsets, enhance tones, add vibrance, replicate the issue of graduated neutral density filters, use black & white conversions, apply sharpening and noise reduction, and much more!
This can be a full suite of presets used from start to finish in your posting processing workflow.
You’ll have ultimate customization options (using the stackable workflow presets) without having to mess with Lightroom’s sliders.
Intuitive naming in the presets means they simple to use.

Click here to download the product