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By | August 7, 2016

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Microcap Millionaires was started by Matt Morris in 2008. Matt discovered he a real talent for locating profitable small cap stocks. After having success for countless years decided to begin a service to assist the average person as if you.

While Jason focused mainly on mid to large cap stocks targeting smaller gains which has a conservative approach, I also needed to “gamble” somewhat and seek out some home runs. Penny stocks are the ideal destination for a look for your home run stock. The type of stock that comes up 100%, 200% within a matter of days!

Matt’s service is well suited for the person having a smaller account and wants to grow it into something more substantial. His service doesn’t involve you to be watching the market industry all day. So for all those of us with day jobs this really is ideal. I was seeking something to supplement one other stock service I was using, Jason Bond Picks.

How His Service Works:

As a paying an affiliate Microcap Millionaires you’ll receive newsletters via your e-mail detailing his latest picks. The newsletter will provide you with the everything you need to be successful at buying and selling small cap stocks.

Microcap Millionaires will give you specific entry and exit points, utilizing the guess work completely from the equation. All of his picks have background information that explain why he picked them so that you will are not just obtaining a stock symbol and told to acquire it. This way you’ll have more confidence as part of his picks and will learn from them in the event you decide to go it alone.

Matt prides himself on providing his customers having a no nonsense service and will not waste your time and efforts and money with “hyped” stocks. Matt Morris just isn’t in the business of developing a quick buck by you, but wants that you be satisfied for many years.

Microcap Millionaires runs using a simple concept: Exploit oversold stocks. Take advantage of reverse mergers, sub-small cap stocks and “bottom bouncers”.

The Good:

Matt Morris offers his service at the very reasonable cost. He provides you with a FREE trial with 2 free picks the other of his most profitable strategies, all you have to do is register. Have reasonable expectations, you’re not making millions at a $2,000 account BUT you may make some solid gains and also turn your small account into something more substantial.

Penny stocks are notorious for attracting scam artists so it’s refreshing to discover a reputable service like Matt’s.
The Bad:

Matt’s service offers up some very nice gains, a small problem is that if you don’t have the markets during the day you might not manage to take advantage of his special opportunity trades. Since his focus is especially on microcap stocks, take into account they might be volatile. This is great about the upside however the downside is usually stomach churning.

You should put your orders in employing a limit, meaning you are going to only be filled in your price or better. The spread on some microcap stocks may be wide and may affect your profitability determined by where you enter and exit.

I’m not just a big fan in the “video sales pitch” he uses, but don’t allow it to deter you from his service. I would also love to see a SMS alert like Jason Bond has.
The Bottom Line:

I discovered Microcap Millionaires to become a great compliment to Jason Bond. I get to shoot for the house runs and have absolutely a more conservative approach with Jason. This way I get the best of all possible.

The biggest evidence of the quality of something is how long people stay subscribed to. I personally are already a member more than two years and have absolutely chatted to members within the chat room who are already a member more than 4 years. Now that notifys you something!

Matt is reputable guy that responds to emails promptly. He keeps his subsciber lists small to ensure that he can offer personal focus to his clients. His Penny Stock Newsletter is really a cut above all one other penny stock picking services obtained online.

If you need to invest in very cheap stocks then Microcap Millionaires are going to be worth your time and energy and money. He provides a 60 day guarantee so if you are unhappy with the service it won’t amount to a dime.
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