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By | August 18, 2016

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Forex Big Ben Bot detects TIME to place order.
Big Ben Bot places orders. Big Ben secures orders with Stop Loss and Take Profit.
Big Ben TRAILS orders plus it closes orders – fully automated, stress-free trading.

To exclude the effects of the news affect the dollar, we use cross-rates within the British pound: EURGBP and GBPCHF. As you know, the British pound has high volatility. For example, in American news the GBPUSD gains 20-30% a lot more than the EURUSD, that allows us to obtain more profit.
Furthermore, on these currency pairs 1 pip costs greater than $10, so as an example, around the EURGBP it can be nearly $16 per 1 pip. Therefore, we confidently build the safe technique of Big Ben robot on a penetration of prices, after which it price is constantly on the significantly relocate one direction. Robot defines prices using fractals, together with it confirms trade entries having a trend filter.

Advantages of Forex Big Ben Bot robot:

Greater volatility!
Pips is more epensive!
There isn’t influence on the US News!

Pips correspond with the smallest price movement any exchange rate could make. As currencies usually are quoted to four decimal places, the actual change in the currency pair could well be in the last digit. This would make one pip corresponding to 1/100th of any percent, or one basis point. Its value is usually different between currency pairs as there are differences between your exchange rates of their currencies. When the U.S. dollar is quoted because quote currency, its pip value is always similar to US $10.

But they’re regular pairs, while Forex Big Ben robot trades with EXTRA profitable pairs – EURGBP / GBPCHF and values will vary. Pips on their behalf calculated in a very different from EURUSD way, one pip is not corresponding to $10.
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