Valentine University Review – Scam or Legit – PDF eBook Download

By | August 16, 2016

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Todd Valentine is preparing to release hist first full program entitled Valentine University to your much awaiting number of RSD fanboys. As most people know, Real Social Dynamics possess a following that would buy almost everything they put out and for that reason their fanboys are certainly not the most reliable judges of how excited for being for new RSD programs. The only way to decide if the hype is justified will be to get the hands onto upcoming programs and dig to the content and contemplate the ‘new’ tactics/ mindsets/ hoodoo voodoo that they’re packaging up for release. Sometimes this could prove difficult, especially given RSD’s secretive nature and strict policy of even if it’s just releasing this system to industry insiders prior to the release date (it is due to piracy concerns during the past). What we remain with is few options to get a full concept of what this course will include, not to mention give a close review. What I have undertaken to perform is to analyze the pre-release material and marketing content to name shifts in means of this program as compared to previous programs, and I have gone and interviewed the creators of this course and RSD PR team to have an in-depth understanding with the differences and benefits the program holds to others inside the seduction industry. Alright, I’m ranting… Let me are able to it.

The Valentine University program has four different modules:

1. THEORY VIDEO: not really a webinar or possibly a Vblog—and certainly not infotainment. It’s serious pickup theory that’s too advanced, too complicated, or too personal will reveal publically.
2. WEBINAR: Your opportunity each and every month to ask me the questions which can be on your mind. It’s the guaranteed way to have guidance on and breakdowns of pickup concepts you will possibly not fully understand. It’ll take years off your learning curve.
3. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Expert in-field coaching. Every month, I’ll post you out with a unique structured mission created to hone in on particular factors of game and have you better at it—IMMEDIATELY. It will push get you started of your comfy section and push your tolerance of social pressure. AND, if you do a mission and report back, I will respond personally and provide you feedback.
4. INFIELD STUDENT FOOTAGE: I breakdown student footage from my programs and highlight one of the most common student mistakes. Seeing these mistakes (that you simply probably don’t know you’re making too) and playing my analysis will assist you to understand these sticking points absolutely need game and dramatically trim your learning curve. I promise you’ll reach an area in game you won’t have gotten to alone.

Click here to download the product