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By | August 13, 2016

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Volleyball Magic: Full Court Control And Domination is a in one system that can turn your team right into a lean, mean winning machine.

It has four quick and simple parts that will get you within the winner’s circle fast.

Part One: 16 “Backstage” Video Drills And Behind-The-Scenes Instructions!

Have you ever seen a team which simply …flows? You understand what I mean. It’s like they’re within the “zone” every move they’ve created is perfect.

In these fifteen hard-hitting videos , you receive step-by-step video drills that demonstrate you precisely how to turn your team to a winning powerhouse.

The videos are no longer three and also a half hours long, and perhaps they are broken down into 16 easy-to-use “chunks”.

Each video can be purchased in 3 parts:

First, you’ll view a video diagram and voice-over explaining the drill.

Then you’ll literally join the action because you see the coach step the group through the drill.

Then, you will get the “Coach’s Corner Critique Footage” where we’re personally showing you step-by-step the way the drill is finished and critiquing the player’s performance.
This instantly provides a crystal-clear comprehension of how to “transplant” these drills in your own team within minutes.

You can view the videos on your PC whenever you want—just click and you are instantly transported in our volleyball coaching center. How simple is the fact that?

But here’s seeking to…you will not only get a video to view. You’ll get A LOT more. Along with each video workout you’ll receive…

“Print Ready Diagrams”. These “print ready” diagrams digest every play within the videos to show you the way in which the drill is conducted.

This ensures that all you gotta do is watch the video, hit “print” on your hard drive, and hand these diagrams in the market to your team.

It’s like going for an instant power-boost (plus an almost unfair advantage at basketball!)

You also get yourself a series of still color photos clearly showing anyone parts of the drill, in conjunction with detailed text that outlines each step and explains each picture.

With the videos, the “print-ready” diagrams, and photos that go using them, you can not lose.

Once your team gets ahold of these items, some other player in the city will wonder, “How’d this option get so great so fast??”

Part Two: 65 “Secret Weapon” Drills And 22 “Black Ops” Practice Routines!

You’ll get an instantaneous library of “pre-made”, minute-by-minute Practice Plans – Ready for Immediate Use!

Just hit “Print” and you’ll run all of them your team TONIGHT!

WARNING: These aren’t the “same old” practice routines you’re accustomed to.

When you take these drills, be sure you have the doors to a health club locked.


Because are going to your secret weapon for winning match after match …so you don’t want anyone from another team to determine what’s going on.

I’ve dealt with thousands of players, coaches, and teams to create these one-of-a-kind “covert ops” practice plans that’ll transform your team to a powerhouse from the very beginning.

Each practice plan has become professionally built with a specific purpose planned: YOU WINNING MORE GAMES.

Here’s the way it works:

Let’s say: Your team is being affected by player communication that’s impacting your defensive game play… No problem!

Simply go directly to the practice plan that claims:

“This practice plan builds strong defensive skills and develops good team communication… “Click here to print”

Then just print it, run the drills, along with the problem is solved.

Can it get any easier than that??

But it gets better. I’ve taken the best, innovative drills from my winning playbook and boiled them down to 22 minute-by-minute “Black Ops” practice plans that will have you winning matches faster than anything you’ve ever seen.

No challenege show up level you’re at… you will know exactly what to expect from each practice session. There’ll be stay away from surprises when you turn up to training because I’ve done every one of the preparation for you personally.

That means–with below 3 minutes of prep every week you’ll employ a brand new pair of training drills to super-charge your player’s skills and acquire your Team having FUN together!

…But don’t enable the smiles and excitement fool you. These practice plans are lethal plus your opponents won’t really know what hit ’em.

They’re the consequence of years of effort, numerous winning matches, as well as a little “espionage” likewise.

After by using these covert plans, winning matches is going to be like taking candy from the baby.

This practice plan library will give you an entire season’s blueprint metamorph your team to a dominant powerhouse.

Pretty powerful, huh? I could stop right there so you’d easily have more than enough training and tactics that’ll view your team’s winning percentage skyrocket this coming year.

But we’re faraway from done yet. You still have..

Part Three: Instant Champion Mindset Audios!

Whether you’re a proficient veteran or simply starting out… this hard-core, step-by-step audio training will skyrocket your game -virtually overnight.

See, you and I both be aware that becoming a WINNING TEAM involves more than simply training your team from the correct techniques.

You likewise need that “Champion Mindset” that sets the winners besides the pack.

You know very well what I mean …that type of mental toughness that provides laser-focus and keeps you within the “zone”.

You’re going through 2 hours of hard-core audio mind-training that’ll immediately “shift” your opinions and turn you in to the type of player other individuals wish these people were.

…And if you play this to your team before a huge match, WATCH OUT! They’ll hit a legal court like sharks within a feeding frenzy.
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